Walking less., Sluicing more

I got sick of hiking 30 plus minutes to go sluicing. Is there good gold close to the vehicle? This gold is from 4 3hr sessions 5 minutes from the car at Goldsborough. Already fished out 20 lead pellets from pan.


thats pretty good going. was that from 1 big dig or several small ones. ive never had a lot of success at goldsborough but the body isnt up to 1m deep digs nowdays and i suspect thats probaly why.

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hi re goldsbourough
was it the doc carpark side of the river.
Im heading there in <3 weeks
did you dig down deep or was it by the bank ie over rocks rather that the actual river.
ie Ive been panning in the river but it ws small rounded rocks so too hard for a pan.
Yes the others had to go for longer walks up the hill,
cheers Sioux

personally ive found better gold at slab hut but wasps can be a problem. maybe not so much now but when summer hits.

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yeah Slab hut rules and lyell creek

good to know re wasps thanks , I didnt notice them at Goldsboroguh a year ago but only was close to the DOC hut for a night or two nafcd

cant say i can remember them at goldsborough and ive only been to slab hut a couple of times but both times the wasps were a bloody nuisance

Many years ago at Slab Hut Creek I was attacked by squadrons of Kamikaze Killer Wasps and had to beat a retreat…Ever seen what Aerosol cans can do to wasps if you hold a lit lighter in front of the can? The results are a bit like the Mariana Turkey Shoot.


years ago i was hunting in the cascade valley we put up a big tarp unpacked our gear under it and were all set for whatever the weather gods threw at us, about a couple of hours later i discovered a wasp nest in the corner of or set up. so rather than shift camp i decided to wage war on them, i tipped a whole packet of raro on the ground by the hole and in no time it was completely covered in wasps eating the sugary raro , i then got a can of CRC and shook the shit out of it and used it as a flame thrower to incinerate the little pricks, man was that a fatal mistake , for the whole trip we had singed wingless wasps stinging the crap out of us , all thru our sleeping bags and clothes , and i do remember someone saying just leave them alone and they will leave us alone, tho my idea seemed much more fun we paid the price