Wakamarina River Claim

I just noticed this claim for sale on Trade Me:


There’s pictures of a dredge which suggests you can dredge but I believe the local iwi has banned suction dredging on this claim.

There’s also this questions and answers post:

Apologies I can’t answer a question here because it seems to be against Trade Me rules.

Which seems like BS. I think someone might be trying to sell the claim under false pretenses, so beware any potential buyers.


I think he’s as legit as they come wrote a pretty good book about gold from memory

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I think it’s probably all above board due to his answer to the last question though there may be two unanswered
None the less he should have answered any spurious questions so that everyone sees the question and his reply…

To be fair the seller has 290 positive feedbacks and zero negitive and neutral ones. I think that deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Fair enough, questions seem to be answered now for most part. Just strange to post a reply when there was no question it related to. Could just be user error, but I originally interpreted it as they were unwilling to answer questions posted on the auction.

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I have spoken with him he seems genuine guy