Wakamarina/Pear tree flats

Hey guys!!! Looking at going for a fossick up the Wakamarina tomorrow and was seeing if anyone knew if Pear Tree Flats was under claim? I couldn’t see any permits in the area on the Claim map which I know is wrong, so I am needing to try find any correct information before taking my Sluice onto the river. Thanks guys :grin: :blush:

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Hi bud. Pretty much all the Wakamarina is under claim now.
Go have a beer in the Canvastown pub mate.
Couple of locals there have claims up those parts.
Play your cards right…You’ll meet someone who will let you have a dig…:call_me_hand:

was up at pear tree flat in novenber,met the claim owner
nice people.And yes you can pan and sluice.
all the best.