Wakamarina Help Wanted

Hi All

Bit of a rude first post asking for help but i have 3 nagging kids desperately wanting to go gold panning and try with a little sluice. We are in Blenheim so thought the wakamarina would be a start!!!

Apart from the pine valley camp, does anyone have any suggestions on a location?

Most of the river appears to be under claim, i dont want to piss any claim owners off especially with the kids in tow!!!

If anybody knows of someone or has any info it would be super appreciated. Its 3 girls and driving mum and dad mad!!!

Many thanks Nick

I may be able to help. PM me

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Hi Nick
Go to Pinedale motor camp and talk to Pete and Beckie, you can fossic below the camp and great facilities there for the kids.
Cheers P


Awesome thanks for that, I have been meaning to pop in there for a yarn, and have a bit of a looksie. Just need this rain to bugger off!!!

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