Wairau river Marlborough

Gold has been found in the upper reaches of the wairau river, im wondering if their would be gold further down the river going towards the ocean around spring creek area.

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I think it would be very much like trying to find a microscopic needle in a haystack down there. Harder even than the traditional needle in a haystack.

There was someone who got some gold in the Northbank area. I think where Bartlett Creek flows into the Wairau. I’ll check my book when I get home on Sunday. Gold in a tin dish by Mike Johnson

I’m sure there is heaps of gold in the Wairau river but it will be sitting a long way down through the gravel. It would be so deep you will not be able to get to it

They drilled some areas of the Northbank in the 1930s and found little gold 60m deep in top valley as the valley opened up and 14m in nutmeg creek, so I would say it’s at least 200m deep if there is any