Waikaia River Claim to Work

Hi All
I own the mining permit on the Waikaia River 53394 from the Canton Bridge down to just above Piano Flat. I have to many other projects on at present so do not see myself being able to work it for awhile and as it is such a large area would like to have someone working on it until I can have a look at it myself. It is a little isolated and difficult to get into the river along a lot of the permit area and the water is cold even mid-summer but historically it has been very rich so could return good gold to someone who wants to put the effort in. Have an access agreement with DOC and resource consents for a 6" dredge. I’m only interested in having someone experienced working it as it is not suitable for someone just starting out. I want a 15% royalty and if you do not produce decent gold you will be told to move on pretty quickly. PM me if you interested in working it this summer.


Are you after someone to work the hole 3 months of summer or just over the holidays and the od long weekend

Want someone who will work it full time

Excellent opportunity for someone here

Id jump at that if I didn’t have my own ground , I know the area well used to work on Glenary station years ago


ahh the webby from glenary. ive heard a bit about ya :slight_smile:

Ill pm ya later

I would be keen but my boss wouldnt give me 4 or 5 month’s off

Hi Danny, Im keen as mustard, havnt done production dredging for quiet a few years. Mid 80s dredged the Palmer River North Queensland with a Keen 6 inch,twin engines, did alrigth. am currently in Southland now, was through Winding creek way last weekend. need to talk more . Send me a message

Hey garrymac…why dont you send him a message if you are keen as mustard? His message is what he has stated in his post here. Surely the onus is on interested parties to message him…as he said at the end of his initial post. Good luck.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Hi Garry

I’m not sure working the Palmer would set you up with the experience needed to do well in the Waikaia. I visted there in the early 90s did a little dredging with Lubo who you may know. A very warm and easy river to work quiet different to the Waikaia. If you are seriously interested go and have a look over the permit area and come back with a plan.