W.A random pics from my travels :)


Hi Guys!

Had a few more pix, however exceeded max file size :frowning:
Got vid of me using my sluice as well with my boy, but same thing :frowning:

WA gold on youtube if anyone interested, currently trying to build (against consensus) a 4500GPH electric suction dredge to suck out my fav creek and get more of what is in the pan pic! (2 hours, shovel, 1 gram, within 1 hour of Perth W.A :slight_smile:

Should be a lot more with a dredge nozzle.

But i’m a plumber so i’m sure I can make something pretty cool, that works and lasts!!

Problem here we have is dry rivers almost 8 months a year, so make hay while the rain pours is the case!

See my old spots in NZ are still secret :slight_smile: Thats from 22 years ago too! Wish I could come back there, knowing what I know now, but kids take priority and theres plenty of yellow here to keep me keen :slight_smile:

Maybe one day in the near future :slight_smile:

Happy hunting people, love reading ya stories, keep em coming!

Best detector by far is my trusty Minelab 5000!! Get one, you won’t ever look back :slight_smile:

Bars and specy’s are from my mates claim 18 months ago, lucky b’stard found a horseshoe shaped quartz seam n cleaned up, good times seeing it coming out :slight_smile:



Sorry heres the pan…

That is awesome! Go for it.

As for those lazy kids, back in the 1800’s they were put to work at 5 years old. I reckon they’d learn more life skills. That’s what I’ll do to mine. :grinning:

Great photos Mick …we got the rugby players but Aussie certainly got the minerals!
Got to buy myself a metal detector and get over there at some stage(when kids grow up),
Minelab 5000 you say,will keep in mind!
Those secret NZ spots are obviously playing on your mind after 22 years let me know if you feel the need to get them off your chest…lol!
Cheers Mal

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For sure mate, Liams only 4! He lives for it, unfortunately I can’t get out too much, or as much as I like tho :frowning:

Yeh Mal,
The 5000 is definitely the best value for money.

Definitely been on my mind for a long time!

Hint… Whats the richest gold river in NZ? Thats one general area!

The others are well away from known documented gold areas and extremely inaccessible.

Good luck!

aarrrhh! now ya really got me thinking,yes my daughter(9yrs) will sit with me panning for hours but the boys…nope there off!..lol.
Going down to moonlight-reefton/greymouth area to dive near rapids with my Garret pro pointer over the summer,bumped into a old guy who was doing all right there using a gold bug and really got me thinking about metal detectors and chasing chunkier gold, so thanks for the info…the hunt continues!
Cheers Mal