Volunteer opportunities

hi ~ my name is Kathy and I come from Newcastle, England. I’m currently on my way from China back to my home in Bulgaria…with a little detour way down south. I’m staying with friends at Alexandra for about 3 weeks and I’ve just discovered that real gold prospecting still goes on ~ excuse my ignorance but I’ve never been in a gold area before.
I always aim to do random and interesting things when I travel…the more random the better…so I was just wondering if anybody needs a volunteer for a few days?
I’m sure I’ll have to sign wavers or whatever in case I find a huge chunk but really I’m just interested in how the whole things works.
sorry I couldn’t find a category here for ‘volunteers’ ~ maybe you don’t have many but here’s one who wants to learn.
hope to hear from somebody
good luck anyway

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If you make it to Queenstown at the weekend I can show you how to find gold

Right ~ you’re on! Where shall i meet you and what time? My number is 02102743894 if that’s easier.

I can meet you Sunday if it suits, it’s basic mining but you’ll find gold, pm me

Hi - i’m new to this site and I can’t see how to pm! sunday’s good.

Hi sorry the weather is supposed to be crap tomorrow maybe best to postpone

Thanks for the thought anyway. I’m going off kayaking and stuff - I’ll contact you again next week and see what the craic is.