Visitor to NZ in February looking for a guide?

I will be visiting NZ next February. Have heard so many great things about NZ and looking forward to the visit. One thing I have always wanted to do was try to pan for gold. Are there any guides or claim owners who can teach me the ropes for a reasonable fee? if I just go on my own to the public sites with a pan and no experience will I be disappointed? My expectations are not that high, but I would hope to find at least a few colors, anything beyond that would be great. My preference would be to go to a more remote site with a guide and spend a good day crevicing or working a dredge. Will only have a day or two since the tour moves around before going to Australia, but will be in Auckland, Rotorua, and Queenstown. Thanks in advance for any/all replies.

I’m in Queenstown I could show you around in February. Pm closer to the time you arrive. If your planning on getting in the water down here you’ll need to find a good wetsuit. Water temps adverage 10.c max

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Hi USA, I live in Nelson and will be working a dredge at that time and you would be welcome to try your hand with a pan on site. Just let me know and I will organise it for you.