VIP EVERYONE....Input needed PLEASE...Survey

I have been asked from overseas to conduct a survey pertaining to the use of detectors on west coast beaches and the results you experienced.

As you are all well aware… (put briefly)… the sands are iron based… of volcanic origin from Taranaki in particular with the Glenbrook Steel Mill processing these Titanomagnetic sands… of which the iron concentration is approx 58% along with titanium and other minerals.

This iron has played HAVOC with our detectors for years, so this survey is to ascertain to WHAT degree of success/failure we have had (past/present) detecting it. So …I am asking both the “old hands” and the newer detectorists to pitch in here. Details…if remembered…beach, unit used, depth, and any comments welcomed…I will start…

Port Waikato and Kariotahi Braches…
Tesoro Sand Shark…depth 1 inch at top of beach to 4 inches at low tide. Maybe 4 and half inches at the most in 35% black sand. (Guesstimate)
X Terra 705…standard coil…OVL showed on black sand, patchy results with very little depth at low low tide…maybe a few inches. (sinker retrieved)…a guesstimate black sand 5% and less.
XP Deus ver.4 …absolutely no go with uncontrollable chatter. Gave up rather than spend time mucking with settings and moved on.

Thankyou in advance to everyone!!!
Guess I should also ASK…WHAT would your realistic expectations be on black sand:scream: Mmmm…I would be happy at anything from 1 inch to maybe 7 inches.:sunglasses:

Gavin…if this belongs to a different category I apologize in advance.

Been talking to the folks at Tarsacci? :wink:

I had reasonable success back in the late eighties at Piha and Muriwai with the original SeaHunter (The XS500 to be precise) and with the 8" mono I was getting precious metal finds at 5-6" , I think I dug maybe a dozen golds from memory - Can’t say what depth they were though.
That was when my auditory range was better. Through industrial damage and age, I have lost those critical frequencies… That and I can’t be bothered rebuilding the battery pack again :smile:
None of the targets were ‘solid’ and were merely waverings in the steady threshold. Something most VDI machines would be unlikely to connect to.
I recall I got a better hit rate with the 4" coil possibly due to less background but favoured the 8 because, well, it was a big beach and the 4 was such a tiny coil…

…Still a dedicated Earwigger today, even when on the AT Pro.

Maybe I should dig the 500 out again :thinking:

Who is asking for this valuable info?


How would the xcal go on piha out of interest

PM on it’s way.
And gibberish to make the 20 character post limit… :roll_eyes:

LOL Mudwiggle!..:rofl: Don’t forget the new upcoming AquaManta…another unit eliminating iron (as Le Jag claims)…then also competition from old and new manufacturers…we are witnessing an age of pushing the boundaries even further.

Each release of a machine sets the bar a little higher…albeit in specific directions! YES, the technology is here for NZ black sand …BUT…to get the best/improvements/further development of such, a measurement against an existing bar is used…hence your input is valued, and I thank you for being the first to reply.

Just for the present it is early days and dependant upon feedback, expectations etc to make a definitive call…Patience Grasshoppers…like you I have my fingers crossed.

There is nowt wrong with the AT Pro…I still use mine here and there. There is something to be said for just plonking batteries in, turning on and going!

The next 20 years will indeed be exciting…unfortunately I doubt I will be around to see…OR sans teeth, sans ears, sans eyes, sans detecting!

Dig out the 500???..machine or the golds?..:hugs: Hate to count how many lost on/in the black sand.:face_with_monocle:

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Me:sunglasses:…(and …) I am more a passionate reclusive detectorist preferring a VERY low profile rather than a forum person (time constraints)…BUT in saying that, I have past and present, enjoyed helping others that enjoy this hobby too…learning a never ending process, the sharing of (when I can remember!) just as enriching!

Input from various countries, conditions and end user has been the MOST valuable info which has given us the detectors we use today…n’est pas?…could you spill the beans…good or bad on your experiences of iron sand? :grinning: