Victoria florin

Kel found this in a local Rotorua park today. Was spoken to by a pompas member of the public about having permission, to dig up the park and possible damage to the roots of the tree. :roll_eyes:

How do you determine the date of one of these. Never heard of one before ?



The date is in Roman numerals to the right of the head starting with M… Total of 9 numerals. Google it should do it.


Thanks for that 1866 is the year.
:shushing_face: Never knew she was such a good scavenger

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Yep 1866 - nice coins - me jellyarse! Certainly a good find.
I think these coins only had Roman Numerals from 1851 - 1887

Cool find alright well done

Super nice find. British florin why do you elude me :sob:

It is also referred to as a Gothic Florin…very nice fairly rare find for NZ.:grin: Well done!