Vicky monogrammed silver locket

had my midweek hunt late this week not many good targets but scored a very nice locket hallmarked for chester 1881,had a sweet surprise inside… my first kid…remnants of picture,almost gone,aussie thrup and a silver toe ring rounded off a great hunt,good luck.IMG_2256 IMG_2257 IMG_2258 IMG_2259


Fantastic find, I really love the finds with a personal touch.

Always thought the term “kid” was relatively recent… So I Groobled it and, as with all the little fragments of eclectic knowledge you discover in this hobby, discovered the use of ‘kid’ as meaning “child” is apparently first recorded as slang in the 1590s, established in informal usage by 1840s.


i did not know that,i remember lots of friends saying " OUR KID" meaning my brother.anybody know what sort of photo would have been miniaturized in the1880s,though they would be on plates

More fantastic finds. Good work.

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Pretty cool find Roy something special alright

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Prints on paper started in earnest mid 1800’s

Earliest attempts on paper were abandoned as they couldn’t figure out how to stop the silver continuing to react with the result of photos fading to black.

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Beauty of a locket Roy well done.

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