Veteran Detectorist Checklist

A while back I created the Newbies Checklist

Gold ring
Silver ring
Precious gem jewelery
Silver coin
19th Century item
Gold nugget

Experts might just use this as an annual goal list.

Purposefully left off British and Australian silver coins to keep the list as straight forward as possible.
Obviously sovereigns and tokens are on everyones wishlist, but they are elusive.


what sort of object would u define as an “Artefact”?

Artefact…horse tack, button, s buckle or contraceptive sponge tin count?

Well probably around 100 years old, but the definition is really up to the detectorist.
Some finds may not be of a high value, but could well be the favourite find of the detectorists, perhaps a unique find that is very rare.

No thanks, I like to set the bar low, really low - then I’m never disappointed :slight_smile:

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That’s my pull tab theory all ways think your diggin a pull tab no disappointment

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Hell I don’t really have any idea what I’ve dug until I get home and do the wash up!
It all looks like junk until then!