Using lidar drone for mapping gold stuff

Hi all esteemed fellow gold hunters

I’m having a think about going down the lidar drone rabbit hole for mapping river beds. And pretty much everything else.

At this stage it’s in the planning process awaiting permission from the cook. (Not that I’ll listen to her but it gives her the illusion of inclusion)

The objective is to map river beds to compare gravel depositing and depleting to see potential gold concentration areas.

Look through light foliage to see points of interest ect.

Also to help the case of dredges to show that we dont wreck the river bed.

What im also wondering is if this services is employable to others where i can recoup some costs?

If you guys have any ideas or wisdom to share with me that’ll be great.

I dont own the drone capable of lidar yet but looking into a high end model for this task and general earth works.

My current drone takes awesome pictures but thats about that.

I’m aware that there rules about buzzing them around in some areas.



My company has a $70k drone with LIDAR imaging. It may be cheaper to pay someone to do that work if its a single area.

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Yeah thats an option. I was wondering if there was someone on here that already offered these services.
Now answered.

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