Useful website resources for gold

Below is a list of useful website resources for people interested in gold. This wiki page that can be edited by anyone who would like to add useful links. Discussions about links should be posted as replies below the wiki page.

New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals (NZP&M) - government organisation responsible for issuing gold mining permits

NZP&M Minerals Webmap - current minerals permits and tenders

Paydirt Permit Map - map of gold permits issued by NZP&M (updated nightly)

Permit Watch - for subscribing to permit alert emails

GNS Science Geology Web Map

NZ Topo Map - current topo maps

MapsPast - historical topo maps

Papers Past - archive of historical newspapers


There is a wealth of information being made available through Google all the time, countless library tomes are being digitized and are systematically being made available to read for free, these are the books I have found so far;

Practical Gold Mining, A comprehensive treatise on the origin and occurrence of gold bearing gravels, rocks, and ores -published 1889

Industrial Progress in Gold Mining, a review of the gold mining industry in the United States - published 1880

The Mining and Metallurgy of Gold and Silver - published 1867

Gold-mining and assaying: a scientific guide for Australian emigrants - published 1852

How to Find Gold: Beginners guide to finding gold in creeks, cracks and bedrock MODERN

Prospecting for Gold and Silver - published 1895

The Hydraulic Gold Miner’s Manual - 1890

The Adventures of a Surveyor in New Zealand and the Australian Gold Diggings - 1853

A Handbook of Gold Milling - 1894

History of the Early Gold Discoveries in Otago - 1887