USA Banks here we go again

So currently they have 17 trillion on there books as loans research has found 1.7 trillon will be losses another 7 trillon are uninsured by the FED the the total loan book has lost 10%
So 1.7 trillon in defaults 1.7 trillion in lost security values at what point does this implode ending in a run on deposits and total collapse gold looks amazingly good right now long term

They will just continue to print more money.

buy Gold and silver the shit is gonna hit the fan beyond belief , commercial backed morgage securities is going to cause the major banks to start colapsing, And the new world order is evolving and America wont be at the steering wheel

So what does that say for the share market??

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Bye bye Louise da Fly ya shares are all gonna die! You will be like me, poor, destitute, bankrupt, insolvent and your only source of income will be sitting in the Queenstown Mall with dark sunglasses, a white cane and a sign saying ‘Please give generously to the blind man, ten kids to support’ - dont forget to hide your car keys.

On a serious note it is a bit of a worry but people l know in the financial sector think our banks will be ok…l hope so.

Yes its definitely going to be interesting this week… all the heavily leveraged smaller US banks may indeed fall as depositors all try to get there money back… alas most smaller banks simply don’t carry much cash and aren’t required to unlike the big main US banks. We will just have to see how much of a domino effect this will have … Aussie and NZ banks are required to hold a fair bit of cash so shouldn’t be too effected (I hope)… also most mortgages here have securities held over tangible assets such as land or buildings not worthless fluff…as for shares…depends on the company.any company that manufactures or trades in commodities (tangable things) should be ok and the value of items go up in line with inflation but shares of companies that trades in fairy dust,cryto clouds …unicorn poo are gonna get hit pretty bad…see if gold hits 3500 this week aye…lol!

Been a pretty nice month with dividend payouts though.

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I believe under fractional banking that banks are only required to hold 10% of your money. The rest they loan out at a higher interest rate than what they pay you. That is how they make their money. Oh, & bank fees. :roll_eyes:

I also believe that since covid a rule was made for some USA banks that they didn’t have to hold any of the money. So now that panic has set in & people are withdrawing their money, or trying to, the banks will have no money to play with so hence freezing withdrawals or going broke.

I only found one small bit of gold on a quick afternoon hunt on Saturday. Better than nothing though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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