URGENT HELP! Detector Pro needed Christchurch

Hi there,

My day could not have gotten any worse yesterday. I have sprained my back, so I took a little puppy I am looking after to the redzoned park in Shirley as I could off leash the puppy.

But the puppy ran away after a dog. I chased it it limping along with my sprained back and somehow dropped my metal car key. I looked for 2 hours but I knew it was starting to get dark, and my back was killing me.

I decided to call the AA to get into my car, but realised I had locked my mobile in my car. So I flagged a security car down and he called the AA, they broke into my car and then a tow truck had to tow me home as I was keyless. They said my towing was the only option as my car would have been burnt out in that area if left overnight.

I am arranging for a couple of friends to help me tomorrow (saturday morning) retrace my steps using the naked eye, but the AA gentleman who helped me get into my car was an ex-police officer for 8 years and he said “what you need is someone with a metal detector who knows their stuff”

… so I am reaching out to anyone that can help me in Christchurch with a detector? The park is on the corner of Goodman Street and Kingford Street (where all the houses were pulled down during the earthquake, so now Crown owned land).

The key will be sitting on top of the grass or tucked into the grass … and who knows what other goodies you might find there!! I’m just hoping they don’t mow the lawns between now and then.

I"m feeling like a bit of an idiot about now, so any help would be amazing. I have been told its about $1,000 to get a new key so that key to me is like gold.


Sent you a message can come after work.

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Thanks CosmoCoinage I’ve just emailed you :slight_smile:

Just remember it’s keys not sovs😉

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haha yes we shall keep that in mind!

Hope you found the keys :sunny:

Hi Michele

Thanks for checking in! Unfortunately not, CosmoCoinage was a champ and came down to help with his detector and I had 3 other friends there helping with naked eye but we could not locate it. My sprained back prevented us from looking for more than 2 hours as I had to come home and sleep for 2 hours to rest it. So not the outcome we were all hoping for, but was so very grateful for the detector help and it was fascinating to see how it worked.


Just curious did he find any coins :smile:

No, didn’t even take my digger was just surface scanning.

Did we get a happy ending on this ?

Legend has it he’s still looking.

Hehe see my post in “off topic” to find what is connected to the end of the leg bone.
Leg-end, yeah its a dad joke.