Upgrading my equipment

I’ve been busy creating some new equipment.
Got a lot of future upgrades too.

While back I began to minaturise my small spade.
To make it truly compact for traveling in the wilds, also to reduce the weight.

A spade is very useful for digging deep holes where you need to move a lot of material.
In the same vein it’s great for moving sand, and versus mud.

I still need to finish off the handle (screwed it up a bit) which has been reduced from 950mm to ~500mm. Also add some other minor bits to the handle end.

When I saw this spade, I fell in love.

And have accordingly modified my own.
The shape helps when digging rocky ground (which I do a lot of, now that I’m a river specialist).
Added a rounded serrated edge (based on a victorinox pearing knife) has a large and small concave which is not as prone to blunting and extremely good at cutting (Kikuyu :herb: shall die).

It’s a bit narrower near the digging end (hard to see).

Only now it is quite a bit more dangerous to lug about :imp:

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