Up cycling from a shed find

Found a old set of hand shears and had an idea


Like it. Even though we don’t have sheeps anymore, I don’t think I could bring myself to do that to the shears.


Some where I think I stil have a dozen pair of those shears and although I like the idea I dont know if I would sacrifice the shears. Possibly make a great hunting knife.

I also have quite a few lying around and it wasn’t till I started cleaning it(after cutting it) that some etching came through

if anyone wants the other half more than welcome to post


Wouldn’t mind if it’s still available, Love the repurposing, but can’t bring myself to take to my pairs.

All good mate ill chuck it in the ute nxt time we meet up or post up whatever works

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I’ll catch up with you at some stage, you always find me everytime I’m poaching :rofl:
Still need to do another visit to ‘Powder Flask’ before winter.

I’ve changed the name to buggerall Bay :roll_eyes:but as you no there’s heaps of sovs lying around