Unusual Metal object found near Beach


I found the attached metal object with my MXT today. I am having trouble identifying the metal. It is not lead, it is hard, it is roughly 1 inch by 1/2 inch in size and weighs 18grams,

it does not feel light enough for Aluminium, any help identifying would be great … (hopefully thinking Platinum …)

Is there any test I can do?



Sorry, but the odds are solidly stacked towards a water-worn Alloy firenugget.

Quick and dirty - stick it in a standard butane/propane blowtorch flame. If it melts: Ali.


Best low tech diagnostic test would be to measure density - weight in grams divided by volume in cubic centimeters. Use Archamedies method to measure volume.

Butane torch was not grunty enough to make it even red, yet alone melt.

Density wise it looks like Ali …

Actually I did a Specific Gravity test, came out at roughly 2.0 which means it is likely Magnesium or Phosperous, however it can’t be Phos as that would have burst into flames on heating …

Magnesium burns well also.

Yep, but phosphorus ignites at just 44degc magnesium at 650degc

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Density of around 2 means it is most likely aluminium alloy of some sort. Probably a melted can or ball of alluminium foil from a camping fire.