Unique cut coin jewellery

Hi all, on my recent travels I came across a very talented guy making jewellery from world wide coins.
He had some very nice peices which made choosing very difficult indeed :thinking:

Some of his American coins were outstanding, along with others but I eventually dicided on the half crown (which he didn’t have any of)

Sure enough at the next market true to his word he had my half crown made and ready for me.
I was slightly concerned to see it out on display with all his other items for sale…I think he was slightly suprised to see me back, maybe he gets a few tyre kickers.
I had no idea how it was going to turn out as its a very detailed coin, but think he pulled it off.:ok_hand:

I had quite a chat with him, between customers (I think he was pleased to see me go actually)
Long story short if anyone is interested in an item his details are listed in following pic.
If you wanted to supply your own coin it didn’t sound like a drama either.
Prices vary depending on complexity etc but the 50c was $50 Australian.
The $2 and Penny were $25 each
The half crown was $40 but pretty sure he did a bit of a deal on it due to getting the four.