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Unearth dolly on the Paparoa tops

Few weeks ago we managed to get back to the Paparoa tussock country ,although the weather was wet and stormy we managed to find this dolly (stand to be corrected) at about 1200 meters not far from exploratory tunnels.Does anyone have any ideas ?

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it hasn’t got any arms and legs


Looks like a steering ball joint from a machine… tapered shank, thread at bottom with split pin holes…

Looks like something that I once found under our bed…but where do the batteries go?


image :smiley:

Okay thanks for the humor. I have sent the photo to a few gold mining gurus and they have concluded it is a hand pestle…which appears to have had a wooden handle…

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come on now its pissing with rain and I got nothing better to do than take the piss out of every thing.

I have also done the cross over up there and walked along the tops its a great place to be.

did you know there was a mine up the punikaiki river somewhere round gorge creek. I have never found it also a hut where they lived , used in the depression