Understanding nzpam permit areas

Hey guys I’m struggling to understand the colour coded areas in nzpam permit map.
I’m having thoughts of trying out a bit of basic prospecting by applying for a nz minerals prospecting permit and then a low impact doc permit but can’t seem to make sence of the colour coded areas.
Am I right to think that the solid red areas on nzpam map are areas under prospect by others (so out of bounds) and the areas with just red lines the only other areas that you can apply? I ask this because #A I’m new to the idea and not prepared to throw lots of money in to going through a third party lawyer type and #B the area I’m thinking of prospecting is not in any coloured or highlighted areas on nzpam map.
Can anyone please share a bit of lamens knowledge on that for me?

Check the legend bro, pretty sure the red lines are exploration permits I think havnt looked for a while

Not sure anyone has noticed this but I just looked on nzpam and they have added a new grey area which says no new mining permits will be accepted,just another government greenie idea stopping people enjoying dredging or mining creating well paid jobs ,oh wait we have tourism to rely on,not!

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That one has been there for awhile unfortunately :thinking:.

Looks like it expires 9/9/2020, so hopefully they don’t extend it in the current climate!

Its only stopping those giant prospecting permits so they can do the aero survey. You can still lodge a MP

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Exploration Permit GREY