Ultimate Detector

If I was ever to find a large nugget. I’d treat myself to one of these… only $60,000

They can tell you what type of metals are present and roughly what percentage.

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Good to see they now have backscatter detection interlocks - We played with a portable [brand withheld] unit about 15 years ago, and that was a raw isotope job… Rough as guts compared to what’s out there now.

Can hire the portable units, just need to get a Rad Licence though (a couple of hundred to sit through the course, and includes lunch!).

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Good to know. Any idea of the hirage cost?

No idea, sorry - I use a big one :sunglasses: Try contacting CRL in lower Hutt or Thermofisher Scientific.
Rate will be commensurate with the value of the kit though, but still cheaper than buying.

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These are similar to the one the gold shop used in Kalgoorlie when i was there recently to measure the Fe and Ni content of the meteorites and tectite samples we found. Was instant result and also how they measured the gold content of nuggets and jewelery before purchase.