UK Visitor looking for detecting buddy

Hi… Just arrived in NZ a week ago, on vacation here until 28th April. I have brought my Minelab ETrac detector with me and I am hoping to make some new detecting buddies to give me a few tips on searching here. I am staying in Whakatane/Ohope area Bay of Plenty North Island. Any one interested in a UK visit would be more than welcome to contact me, I have heaps of great prospecting lands to search where you can find relica and coins dating vrom stone age right through roman era up until modern times… have several rooms available should any on erequire accomodation… contact me for details… Regards and good hunting to you all… John (UKRELICHUNTER)

Cheers John. Good luck out there and have fun.
Let us know if you find anything - maybe post a pic.


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Hi Shane… and thank you buddy, will post a pic defo if find anything significant. Went out for an hour or so today on Ohope beach just to set up my Etrac and found a Dollar coin and a 10cent coin, plus two nice fishing weights and a swivel set-up which I used within the hour to fish off the nearby jetty and caught a bucket of fish for dinner… so not a bad opening to my visit to NZ…hahaha…


Hey thats a great start. Cheers for sharing.

happy hunting