UK Treasure Hunting magazine give-away

So who’s interested in some UK Treasure Hunting magazines to read? Just chuck me $6 to cover the pre-paid NZ Post bag and the 4 magazines below are yours…

First one to reply gets them.

And if you’re not quick enough, don’t be shy - express your interest as they’ll be a fair few more to come.

Yes please! I would like them

Thanks Gavin they turned up today.

Hope they make a good read for you :slight_smile:

4 more magazines up for grabs if anyone wants them? Same deal - just chuck me $6 for the pre-paid postage bag…

I’ll grab them please Gav, Will put them up again once I’ve done the crosswords :slight_smile:

All yours mate, just flick the postage into 12-3148-0186183-00 and PM me your address :wink:


I usually come across this sort of post when it’s all happened. The beer’s all gone, they’re stacking the chairs, and the band consists of the two remaining semi-sober players just quietly jamming as a lone couple slow dance and a drunk in the corner argues with a decorative pedestal.


Lol, I was surprised how quickly you grabbed them. Last time I offered the free magazines it took a while until someone bagsied them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Gavin
I have those mags you sent me, iv’e read them. I can pass them on too, free delivery as i got some prepaid envelopes. Share the love around.
And as per usual i have some NZ Fossickers magazines if anyone would like some.


Shady - very Shady indeed.


Cheers Shady - good man, spread the love :wink:

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Yep, if they still available. PM sent

Cheers, i will send them too you.


I have made it to the back of me shed and recovered the mags. All good.



Another 4 more magazines up for grabs if anyone wants them? Same old, same old - just chuck me $6 for the pre-paid postage bag (and if you’re a rural address, the extra needed for delivery there)…

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And these also back in the pile for another reader if anyone wants them.

These magazines are still up for grabs if anyone wants them…

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