Two days at slab hut


Looks good…great going… When I was there all I managed to achieve was open warfare on a wasps nest there terminated in having to wait until dark to retrieve my gold fossicking gear…wasps 1 - Me Nil!
A good sample for your time there.

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Thanks, apparently the wasps are really bad there late summer, I only saw a couple of sandflies.
Definitely nice to see some gold in the sluice…a lot of flood gold in the top layer.

nice work i like that place a lot cool spot

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Yes some really nice Slab hut creek flakes there Scrat6,did you do a final weigh up…couple of grams?
Good work!!..Cant wait to get back there soon!!

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Hi Mal,
Haven’t weighted it up yet. Hopefully a couple of grams, definitely the best I’ve done at slab.
Cheers Scott

Yes love this spot also

Always stop in here for a day or two if traveling to west coast via Lewis pass.

Good work

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