Turning in Claim Jumpers

If you know someone dredging on someones claim, should you turn them in?

It is not like dredging off claim. It is intentional.


The question is… Turn them in to who?

The claim owner?

I would if the claim owner was a good guy. but I would only report it to the owner then let him sort it out

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I would let the claim owner no asap if someone spotted claimjumpers dredging on my claim & let me no they would get a pat on the back & an invite to do some prospecting

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Deal with it myself…I am used to dealing with poachers on my place so have become a bit of an animal!

Claim owners should make every effort to show that that their area is claimed, ei, by signs or some sort of marker. If this is done, and if I saw someone on their claim, I would take photo’s of the trespass and let the claim owner know. In anycase, during dredging season the calim owner should be doing dredging anyway, as that is what they are licensed to do, so they should be aware of what is going on. I ahve had to boot folks off mine on a few occasions.

trouble with putting signs up is they either get peppered with gun shot or ripped down.

I used to have a few signs up but I think the longest one lasted was 4 weeks , gave up Putting more up in the end , plus if a claim owner uses the 50 heactare depending on the river or stream it could be 10 plus k,s long so even if you are there every day or second day or what ever poaching pricks still lurk about

My very first sign took a hike somewhere, but since then they have lasted and lasted, you claims must be in the ruff areas of NZ.