Trying to identify

Definitely not slag, to heavy for aluminum, to lite for lead,silver maybe??, dont think iys a chunk of pyrite,found with metal detector on gold setting

photos hopeless ,but on cleaning,shiny metallic coming through,found on location of old mining town now farm paddock,looking for specimens on a old pub location,some unfortunate1880s miner may have lost,who knows,LOL

All good lead…

Hardly likely to be iron pyrites but are you near nelson - it is a couple of small pieces of native copper. Scrape a corner and see if copper glints through. If so then marvellous find.
In areas around Nelson beautiful native copper specimens can be found. Here is a 2 pound native copper specimen from near Nelson. Sadly Inever found it myself. Paid $20 for it from the firend who found it. It does look a little like yours. If I put this in acid it would show the copper shining through after cleaning just like the copper on the bottom of a copper based cooking pot or in copper wire - very pure copper.

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