Trying out a telescopic shaft on the gold monster

Feeling a bit frustrated with the uncollapsible shaft on my gold monster …
love the Beast but even though I’ve got a decent Nissan SUV at takes up a lot of room in the back…
so went to Bunnings today and brought a telescopic shaft for some truck washing thing a me Bob …
It’s a little lightweight but still feels very strong and the locks hold the shaft very tight in place…
I’m going to carry the three piece gold monster shaft and my backpack just in case but I’ll let you know how it goes…
pretty good for around 8 bucks I’m thinking


You is da man! I LOVE that idea. Brilliant. You is a geniarse. I had thought about the length of the shaft as being a bit of a nuisance but now know that I could get a leading role in ‘Walking Dead’ for being brain dead…in other words l never thought of looking for a telescopic shaft and the length is a nuisance on the car when we head off places.
For some reason the mention of telescopic shafts reminded me that I have to go to see a woman this morning…she’s a Russian and wants me to go rushian over every time she needs something done.
Brilliant idea and one I must follow up on. Thanks for that.

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im the opposite I need an extending shaft.


Now that gives a whole new meaning to getting shafted. Last time I was in Glenfield Mall Countdown I saw two strange ‘guys’ hand in hand standing beside some rather huge bananas and they were joking to each other “Oooo look at this banana sweetie” and the other replies “Oh dearie it looks just like yours but yours is so devine”.

I guess they liked getting shafted.

were they as bent as the bananas???

why is it that sum one puts a serious topic up here and either lammerlaw or kiwikeith just destroys it .

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I like big bent bananas …
Im not really gay …
But my boyfriend stephen definitely is


Peanut - your a worry.
Keith - my wife prefers cucumbers.
I actually heard that when gay guys have kids they all turn out to be little shits. Reminds me of that poem that floated around when Keith and I were kids…’ Bobbie Shafto went to sea…’ none of us ever knew that he was bent…like a banana, hence the name Bobbie Shafto. Apparently he was a great favourite amongst sailors as he was in such demand that the sailors never had to indulge in unsavoury habits with the bung hole of the rum barrels as long as he was around. This habit had led to a great deal of problems due to the fact that the contents of the barrels were sold to nunneries and made into candles. This coincided with the increased pregnancy rate of Nuns and caste assertions at the priests down the road but apparently due to their attraction to bent bananas this was not the case and the pregnancy rate in Nuns were considered ‘Immaculate deceptions’ It was so bad at one stage that it had been considered wise to send the priests to live in the Nunneries and the Nuns to live in the Seminaries where they could be inseminated.


Somebody has found a way to purchase a non metalic, reasonably ridgid and reasonably priced, telescopic wand, excllent stuff !
Could you give a more exact description of what Bunnings sell it as? A picture oif the pacakaging?