Trip to the Taffy battery

The battery dates from circa 1900. The site has been modified by flooding from Ten Mile Creek and has narrowly been missed by a landslide that has buried some of the huts associated with the site.! Lot could be said about this place however hope the photographs do the job.


I love it and thanks for sharing - my sort of country.

All it needs is a bit of oil - lets get it going, who’s gonna join me?

I would love to see it and others restored and going…unfortunately the low intellectual University educated white collared text book ‘experts’ who now run DOC, here in after known as the Department of Constipation, place the sub intellects who staff the ‘Hystirical Places’ won’t allow anyone to touch them and thus they sink into further decay.

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hi lammerlaw you are sooooo right , and its not just in this sort of case its across the board with lots of things . unless the money is going into fancy buildings and things that are out there for show they are not interested.
where is this place?
I’m still trying to get into the head of the rough and tumble stamper only got 450m of track to cut, a lot of wind fall but will inform and put up a map when completed the track.


This is the sort of sub intellectual non sensical dimwitted thinking that is manifest by mini Gestapo members in Hysterical Places and Dept of Constipation etc - a friend of mine and others wanted to restore the Canton Battery water wheel - you know how it is - restore it to original - but due to the childishness, stupidity and lack of COMMON SENSE attitudes of the ‘Enemies of the State’ - their own employees, a full restoration will not take place and it will be all cosmetic with the section under water remaining as it is - sort of like taking a brand new body of a Model T Ford and putting it on a rusty, cracked and written off chassis. Also these different organisations of imbeciles cannot actually think, see clearly or use COMMON SENSE. Possibly due to Goober the Hillbilly and his relatives buying degrees online and getting employeed by the organisations responsible for ‘F****** up the country’

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The site is at the top of ten mile creek on the west side of Croesus knob in the Paparoa range.If you look at the sat map… to the south of Croesus knob you can just make out the old pack track descending to the bush line.Its a hive of activity up there at the moment as DOC is building the 29 track.I sent maybe 10 photos to Jim Staton the DOC historian for his interest hopefully something may come of it in regards to bringing the stamper and pelton out.

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These things are national treasure and if something can be done with them to stop them from being lost forever then they should allow it to happen. I know that money and resources are a big issue but if a group of volunteers are keen to get into it then they…doc … should let it happen! I know of many things in the bust rusting away and it’s sad to think in time they will be gone forever that’s hope someone can do something with it!

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…ah, I was just kind of joking.

Though cast iron does weather well.
There is a nice battery put up on display as you walk into Thames
Thames Goldmine Experience (world famous Caledonian mine) has restored an old Battery to working condition.

One thing to consider is that some iron rusts permanently onto other pieces (it’d take a lot of CRC to losen!), and many holding pins corrode firmly into place.
Still it would be nice to see these cleaned, stood upright, with an pergola shelter.

Perhaps you Southerners need a similar organisation to the Coro fellas: