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Hi Team , I’m after Trail cam advice , iv had a few in the past & im down to one , most of the others started leaking battery acid , even an expensive one I purchased a few years back , I’m not a tech guy & haven’t purchased any in a few years so I’m wondering if any one out there has recommendations, a link or 2 wound great . I’m leaning more towards 2 or 3 cheap & cheerful ones Vs one expensive one . Cheers

Hey mate ive got a band new one for sale from hunting and fishing if you wantbone. Comes with battery and memory card.
PM me if your interested

Hi , I’m interested, I’ll send a pm , actually I’m not sure I can atm I’m not seeing any msg option ! , we’ll could you please pm me the details & see if I can respond! . Thanks

Boaraxa touch on his name and you will be able to private message him

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Yea iv checked all that I’m not seeing a msg option

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I got one from alliexpress for $40. Was here in 2 weeks, its not perfect but going to get another one soon. Been playing with as a security camera, goes well enough. Not much good at night so far ,too much condensation on the lens

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Calling @gavin Is there a minimum spend on the forum to enable PMs?


I’ve got some cheap ones from one day sale from way back that take a shit load of AA batteries but have been quite content sitting out in the wet west coast bush for a month or so at a time. Not the greatest quality image / video capture but just good enough. I was worried about spending too much money on them and then someone spotting them and stealing them. Think they cost around $99 a unit a good few years back now.

@Boaraxa I’ve bumped up your trust level so hopefully you can PM now? It’s a forum feature to try and minimise the damage new spam accounts can inflict.

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Yea bastards are everywhere trying to spam or scam everyone !! .