Trademe claim for sale

anyone interested in going shares in this claim. jade the owner/co owner. (not sure on that.) may have comments with details maybe if theres any interest

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not in that region so not interested but the concept of sharing a claim is a good option and works well if sorted properly at the start.

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how rich is the ground and what sort of price are you looking at?

Lets be honest about this claim as regards dredging. From what I know the Deep Creek part is allowed for dredging. The Wakamarina river portion. Dredging is not a permitted activity. And the likelihood of having dredging added to the licence is about nil. The Marlborough District Council will not okay it. This was tested via an appeal a few years back and status quo remained. No dredging on or in The Wakamaarina River, apart from existing permits. And when they expire its no more dredging stop. The owner seems to be avoiding letting this be known. Don’t get caught folks.


I would bet that area not open to dredging would be opened if someone had the balls to challenge it…

it was challenged in the Enviromental court a about three years back. The appeal failed. Big imput from Iwi kiboshed it.

I thought it was a council hearing rather than environment court. There is simply no objective rationale why dredging should be prohibited unless there is a clear exclusion in their plan

hay yes i am one the co.owner with jason if ned no eney thing give him a ring

Hi guys, I was the original owner. I challenged the councils decision to decline to grant me resources consent for dredging in a local hearing. I simply didn’t have the funds to take it further. As it was I was close to 10k down with no gold to show for it. There is still reasonable gold on this claim as I was able to sluice several grams a day with two of us going for it. So in essence this is a hand tools only permit unless you have the money to push the consent issue further or just go ahead and dredge anyway. With that said it is a fantastic spot with a cool campground right on the edge of the river. Ideally suited to a group of a few guys that want a place to fossick and are willing to to share costs

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I was hoping you would come on to clarify the matter Mathias,I just recalled that it was a hearing and all I could think of was environmental court. Pity DOC wouldn’t buy it and turn it into a public fossicking area.

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interesting comments. its a big trip for me to go the site to so would be good to share cost among a few others. personally im only interested in panning/sluicing so no dredging wouldn’t be a problem to me but are there any other guys out there with the same idea

I for one would be interested

thanks murray. just need a few more and see where it goes

I would also be keen on a group deal

Good on you guys! Hope you make the group
Claim happen. If you split the yearly fees between the 5 guys is just over a couple hundred each. I’m half tempted myself…

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Afternoon comrades.

How is progress on the group deal for the claim? I live in Wellington, but could be interested.
I see it was passed in last week, and relisted straight away.


haven’t actually done anything yet. just trying to guage interest then if we can get 5 or 6 ppl ill contact jade or Jason to get details on yearly costs , dos and donts etc. id guess its a claim you wont get rich on.
more a hobby thing

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hay its a but $1.300 a yer ifwont no eney thing just hit me up