Trade me find..old pick

Interesting find on trade me today, looks pricey!

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Fucking rip off - how many do you want? I GIVE them away - genuine relics picked up on my place years ago. In fact there is a pile of them in my back yard.
Some greedy bastard wants to find a sucker!

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dreamin…mad bastard.

Must be a joke, no one is paying that!

But hey, he throws the stump in to. The legendary Black Stump.

Cheers Trev aka “The Mad Hatter”

His generosity is overwhelming…he will even post it free.
Which reminds me l have to list a full size Snooker table - possibly the best condition one ever offered for sale. I had better get off here and go and do it…anyone want a full sized billiard table?
Good for having sex on, displaying pick heads, old tree stumps, having more sex on, bust the ends off and wash concentrates over it…great for saving flour gold, have more sex on it, put the ends back on - play billiards and snooker.
Fake bidders to push the price up encouraged.

I couldn’t figure out why you lot were busting the sellers balls until I double checked the price , at a glance I thought $60 wasn’t so bad for a nice looking relic :joy: …wonder what that old rocker box of yours would be worth lammy the one that sat in the tussock down the gully , it’s probably still there ? , I know it was worth more before you’re mate raided the rotten carpet in the bottom of it lol , cheeky sod .
was it an original rocker box or did you make it ? …guess either way that makes it reeeally old :slight_smile:

Dad made it 60 years ago. Its yours if you want it! I took it down there to use it and did use it and left it there to use again - that was about 1988 when the last owner had the stream claimed - but I never used it again. Seemed a chore taking it back to the hut so I left it there until next time and next time didnt happen. I think I only got 4.5 grams for an hour ( 3 pennyweight ) and that was slow going so thats the reason I never used it again.

Remind me next time you are down and you can have one of the $60,000 pick heads for your gold fields collection if you want it.

Sadly my pick heads dont have a $59,980 tree root system growing around them but they are genuine gold field relics and some quite capable of being used again as they are in remarkable condition.

A couple of interesting ones have been used to split rocks apart after one end has broken off as can be seen by the burred tops.

These are are just lying out in my yard…a dime a dozen.


Here’s one of my favorites, found outside of reefton and we turned it into a mounted key holder.

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Any one else notice on the page the section “more stuff you might like” the ancient undiscovered taniwha head only 20k :joy:

Funny…that pick head was found at Goldsborogh fossicking area…I was fossicking there ,a couple from Te puke were staying there in their bus when she found it up the creek…I think @inguy from the coromandel and his partner were there at the time…bit to expensive for me tho :wink:

It does come with some free drift wood

A lot of your pick heads look hardly used. All the ones I find in the wakatipu area are usually bust off or well worn past the standard life of a pick. Same with the shovels.

Yes some are probably usable. I have had them well decayed and also broken, one end broken off or the haft split. I only showed the best couple of picks and the other two represent average condition.