Trade classic Garrett 4 gold specific machine

Hi guys, just wondered if there’s any enthusiast that might want to do a trade on my classic ADS for a more modern gold specific machine. (May go cash your way for right machine?)
I have a classic Garrett ADS VLF/TR Deepseeker with a spare control unit. 2 coils and handbook.
The battery pack in the spare control unit needs some solder work. I soldered up a wire to make it work, but very rudimentary. Not necessarily needed as the other one is in mint condition anyway.
Everything works as it should.
I don’t wish to sell, just looking to trade.


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I have one the same and found many many kgs of silver coins with it…back in the day. Also have a near unused Fisher 6000.

I still think that the Garrett Deepseeker is a good coin etc machine and very capable despite being an old machine with old technology.

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Thanks, yes it’s a good machine for the age. I’d like to hang onto it to be honest, but it’s not practical for up the creek. So just thought it may suit someone for a trade, you never know :grin::+1:

If it was a minelab, kiwijw would be ur man.

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