Tracking down a claim permit holder

Hey there, I just wondered how you can find out who owns a claim and subsequently contact a claim owner. I just wanted to take a wee nostalgia trip with my child and perhaps have a wee pan in a place we used to back in the day. But obviously want to see if the claim owner would let me. Anyone have any ideas.
Thanks so much


go onto the public fossicking area maps on this site follow your way up the rivers zoom in and it shows claimed areas and who the claim holder is and from there on its a bit of detective work as some claim owners dont like to be called every day by tom dick and harry asking can we go on your claim so it can be a bit tricky but if you start by looking at the permit map here on paydirt and then asking the right people it can be done…and good on you for seeking permission first well done mate and best of luck


Thank you, I have tracked him down, and he has no problem with it, so all is good, we can go for our picnic/fossick/nostalgic trip. So stoked and yes stoked to be doing it with permission otherwise we would not go :slight_smile:


Good for you mate. Have a blast. :+1:

Good luck.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Great going and good on the claim owner for letting you.

Will there be a vid ?

Nah probably not this time :slight_smile: