Tool shed on dredging

Hi paydirters,

Can anyone help me out please?
Are you allowed to build a tool shed or such storage on a typical gold dredging claim?
If so, does anyone know the rules around this or do you know where I can get that information?

Cheers, happy digging :+1:

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Hi mate. I wouldn’t leave anything… anywhere unattended. Specially on a claim.
Theives will always find a way in.
A mates 20 foot container on his own claim was gas axed open.
If they want it…
I would check your insurance policy on that.


Cheers mate, appreciate that and I agree Iv been a victim of theives myself. Never like leaving anything unattended if possible. But am curious to know if it’s an option.

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Trailcams are good backup…

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I’ll depend who’s land is it on… DOC’s, LINZ’s or private land. Whoever you’ve got your access agreement with is who you’ll need to approach I’d imagine.


Hi there; My claim was on the Mataura River; I never felt comfortable leaving anything anywhere. There was and is always eyes watching and waiting an opportunity to do you harm. I found it best to camp right next to my dredge with ropes tied to my tent. I had a four inch Keene mini and would at times spend ten days dredging 5 to 6 hours a day. (40 -80 days a season)

Fisherman pass by, rafters, just any ole people and everyone talks until the news reaches evil ears… Get to your spot; work as many days as you can; take everything away with you. Do the easy/rich spots first even at the expense of tailing piles on undredged ground.

Mind you; I lived off of my claim; a hobby dredger would have different needs/values. Note Gavin’s comment he is spot on.


Thanks Gavin, yes should of been more specific. Was DOC I was wondering about. Cheers

Cheers mate. I do stay where I work as well, but I’m remote as hell, no visitors. Not so much about locking things up, but having a dry area to work on bits and pieces, store a few things to. My gear stays onsite for the season as it can’t be carried out once she’s all in there. Appreciate the advice :+1:

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Here is a couple of storys about not leaving ANYTHING behind…I call it…The things I left behind :pensive:
One time at mining camp my girlfriend, my mate and I were getting rather thirsty from the blistering heat and getting motion sickness off the heat waves and mirage radiating of the baking rocks combined with constant moving and rushing white noise of the river we were drove to drink…I being chosen as the fittest to do the one and half hour return trip on foot to the closest pub received instructions to only look at the`top shelf…off I went with my important mission…looking back I could see my girl friend sitting by the fire with my mate…welllll at the pub the publicans underage children could not figure out the price of the JW red label and mum and dad were too busy partying with the MM out the back so I had a look at the invoice sheet and and told them the price…which was cost…gave them the money and legged it :running_man: back to band camp…when I returned my “mate” and his/my girlfriend were still sitting where I left them two hours earlier being rather sheepish and quiet…all went to bed early except for me and the bottle of JW, got a bit surly on it with my self by the river…anyway… was later confessed to me that my so called mate gloats about this at parties how he sent me on a fools errand to complete his conquest. LOL

One other time I used to head up in the tussock hills with a very good lady friend of mine unknown to me I was being basically used by the property owner to give me access so he could have access to my friend, he once said to me how I nearly caught them at it in the tussocks and gave them a hell of a fright …I had no Idea this was going on for some time me being sent on fool errands to “dig there but not there as that is so and sos spot and not to dig there as I am saving that for a rainy day, you cant dig down from that point without me and you cant dig above where I am working as you dirty the water”, well she was my friend and being used too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: after their relationship fell apart I found I was basically being given the illusion of freedom to mine on private property when in reality I was being Jealousy guarded and controlled and decided freedom is found in ones own company and ones own terms and never leave anything you really love alone.
Well I guess that sums that up… you really cannot leave anything unattended on the gold fields.

P.S You sometimes can not leave your tent esp anywhere close to public access as it can either get driven over by Valiant and Holden’s from Gore on the Central Booze cruise or torn to shreds by stray hunting dogs eating the cans of baked beans to chewing them to shreds.
You certainly can not leave a six pack of diesel 7% cans stashed in Gabriel’s Gully for three months and expect them to still be there and your tent not moldy.


Could be expensive then… they often seem to want an arm and a leg.

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Thanks for sharing (please excuse the pun)… Oh the things we lose to the creek :joy: great stories, made my day. Third time lucky they reckon…:thinking:

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