Todays hunt some good bits

beaut day here in coolish but sunny,scored three silvers 1921 shilling 1935 nz shilling,1856 thrup although toasted i cannot remember getting a 1850s thrup before, and a vicky lead dress weight to boot.good luckIMG_2225 IMG_2224 IMG_2226 IMG_2227 IMG_2228


Bet there’s a few down that way wondering a) how they missed all this booty, and b) just when are you going back to Aussie :grin:

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iam sure theres lots more to find yet,beach season coming up that maybe where the good stuff lies…

Me jellyarse - especially the nice British Shilling - it is a nice one.

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Dress weight??? Never heard of them but damm looks great

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dress weight or hem weight sown into the hem of long dresses to keep them from blowing up and showing too much victorian ankle.almost porn back in the day

My Great Gran had little skirts around each table leg - wasn’t until many, many years later I found out that they were a legacy of Victorian standards. Even the furniture had to behave itself!

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all i can say is thank god for the marveless mini skirt 70s porn,…

Did someone say porn - Well that reminds me that I am very hungry so I might sit down and enjoy a bit of creampie!