Three hunts worth

last three hunts worth eight silvers some nice looking coins among them,nothing much else of interest good luck.IMG_2089IMG_2090IMG_2091IMG_2092IMG_2098IMG_2099IMG_2100IMG_2101


Welldone. Any tips for very trashy locations? I’m feeling discouraged by nails and such :pensive:

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hi gold pandemic are you hunting in the parks with the 5000 or do you mean on the beaches.if you are in the parks then its going to be impossible,you will have to invest in a suitable machine,if you are in you can have a go with my ctx or my t2 to at least give you a spin with different machines,iam sure i can put you on to some silver in between the rubbish

Nice silvers Roy 1896 on that thrup is pretty cool

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Yeah, I just tried an 1800’s permission.
Too many nails! I managed to get a bullet case & lead though - just didn’t want to tear her lawn to sheds for nails :dizzy_face:

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