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Thoughtless actions will see legislation against detecting

It is people like those who flaunt the right to metal detect who will ruin it for everyone…

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Yes typical ,a few ruin it for the rest .I had a nice spot detecting at my old childhood school ,of 60 years ago.And now vacant.I made the mistake of telling someone in confidence about it…I walked the dog through there the other day ,holes all over the place one was a foot wide with dirt all over the place and the grass top just chucked back in the hole…Ideal for someone running there dog to break a leg.,Thoughtless.idiots.I’d like to shove his detector up his arse .Same thing a few years back the old nurses lovely garden area by CH CH hospital all dug up and left in a shocking state.No more detecting around there

trouble is the arseholes that do it really dont give a f*** about how it effects others. they need to be taken aside and given a bit of street justice.