This Years Gold So far = 6.7 ozs

Greetings Kiwi land…
I’ve certainly had worse years and still going yet. Couple of standouts in the front include a .50 rock, a 22 k band 7.9 gr. a Cartier band, a 14.7 gr. PT band and a lunker 18k band 11.7 gr. The chain is 20 gr. 14k cross 18k.


:open_mouth: I guess that explains why I’m not finding any Gold!

Damn impressive! And I imagine that gold is easier to detect than bush bashing in the hills trying to find it in nugget form!

Well I keep hearing about these NZ streams with ounce a shovel pay in years past. Those rings don’t exactly jump into your boots either!

That chain is massive! And I thought I was lucky… :sweat_smile:

The only words I can say are "Bloody marvellous me jellyarse"
Great going.

Looks like one of those treasure hordes, well done

Easier?? Whoever told you that??

Very well done indeed - a tremendous haul.

I love the flat gold pieces, and those rings are Thick!