This... is a dredge

Merry Christmas one and all.

Well it is finished… mk 2… an 8 inch dredge for those difficult to access river gorges


That was a pleasure to watch (I take it that wasn’t you at 2:20 :smile: )

…Your office is a lot nicer than mine.

Did it sound like the bloke at 5.05?

My office is nout like that… I am looking out at a security fence with an industrial gold process plant in the background looking forward to a Christmas dinner tonight cooked by an Indian Chef and shared with 500 Lao with a limited grasp of engrish.

Good to see it going.
We down to Burt, then slow fossick backup.
Got all Feb off.
Might catchup if you home

Merry Christmas
Kelly and Paul

lucky you… I have most of Jan off and working most of fFeb… however I think that is about to change… so keep in touch.,

Great ride LBD on the Mighty Buller. Must do a write up on my golden days at my old Berlins Claim one of these days.


I would like to hear about claims ion the Buller

That is one kick arse dredge LBD nice work!!!

When it comes to goldmining it takes a lot to impress me but I think that video is bloody marvellous - in fact it makes me jellyarse.

Many years ago I used to tie an underwater dredge underneath my pontoons and using a three inch Aqualite motor I could navigate up the river using a shovel as a rudder!

You set up is a lot faster, very practical and very efficient. My system was primitive in comparison but worked.

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some skinny water to run an outboard on.

I think LBD,s is a 150 , they are pretty popular in the states.