This is a a cracker

hi got back to my super spot,sand shifted not many signals but out came my first 22ct beauty came out as you see it,eyes popped when i saw it in the scoop,cant see it getting better than this,an ozzie ring no date letter hallmarks well worn very soft gold,but 22ct acid wont touch it,i love this of luck to all.


Nice Roy well done not having much luck up north here but I’m working next to a few beaches so hunting hard look foward to your next find


:ok_hand: extremely good find there Roy. Another one for the growing colletion.

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off to a good start Roy. Dont often see them all engraved like that.


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Geez Roy you must have a solid collection now or do you sell them as you go? You’re killing it! Got a pic of all of them?

hi yes i have sold a few.if i see a detector i like ill sell enough to pay for it. no i have not got a picture off them all. you cant be too careful.

Great to hear your being vigilant… there are some undesirables out there.

Nice Roy…almost as good as your Dunedin ring…just not quite. Tony and I still talk about that day!

hi andrew,you have got to love dunedin,someone will find something amazing down there.happy days!!!

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Well done roy thats a nice ring, looks like it might have bit of age to it.

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