This dredge design confuses me

I’m trying to design a mini dredge.

Is there a reason the power jet is so close to the suction hose nozzle?

Other designs have the power jet nearer to the pump, seems better then there is less power jet hose hanging around to get in the way.

Please do correct any terms I’m not using correctly.

I haven’t really studied how they work but the way that one is done you could use lighter grade of hose because its under low pressure not suction.

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Thanks, that is interesting.

possibly be less chances of blockage to because rocks etc are being pushed along hose with water rather than sucked. if there were blockages it would be more likely in the actual nozzle so easier to clear.

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Wouldn’t it lose a bit of power - with the water having to travel further down the jet hose, and around bends?
And does anyone feel that extra hose floating around would be a pain?
Not to mention one more thing to break/crack, repair/replace.

Setting up a power jet at the box end may create some stability and balance problems for the setup, Pushing material up the hose is also going to get the gold settling towards the bottom of the slurry, and will improve recovery rate. A powerjet at the box end introduces a lot of water at velocity, right when you want to be controlling its speed. This really isnt a full on suction dredge as such, the suckers is for cracks that want sucking out, but predominantly you woulkd be mainly shovelling into this setup.

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Suction nozzle as opposed to power jet, awesome for working shallow waters, some can even be adapted to dry land.

They don’t have as much suck as a power jet, but if you lift a power jet dredge nozzle out of the water, or even close enough to the surface where it can and will form a vortex then it will lose prime and all of it’s suction until you reprime it, which one some dredge designs can be a pain … suction nozzles on the other hand are self priming.

It’s for doing a different job that a powerjet struggles at, which is working very shallow ground


Hey Goldpandemic, that type of venturi can be used anywhere in the suction line and it looks like they have it there in place of a nozzle

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