This bacteria literally poops gold

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So if you keep all your leftovers from concentrates that contain all the superfine gold that get washed away maybe this would be a great way to recover them in bigger pieces?

This has been known for quite some time but extremely interesting - now I need a few train loads of those bacteria BUT the question arises how long does it take and how much of the bacteria do you need to make it viable.

As for the plastic pooping bacteria - I am always pooping plastic when I am in a hurry to have a snack and cant be bothered opening the bag or wrapper thoroughly but I would be no good cleaning up the ocean because I cant swim unless I have my wet suit on and have you ever tried pooping in a wet suit? NO I havent but I can imagine!

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Bacteria Pint on the way, bottoms up :beer:

From now on I shall eat my concentrates and poop NUGGETS!

Note: the sand is hell on the teeth, toothfairy already wants 4 of them at $500 a pop!

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I can pull them for less. infact come mining with me I keep the gold you get pulled for free. sorry I’m not gay I mean your teeth


They’re wisdoms, they might be firmly rooted into the jawbone.
Even with the tooth fairy’s best drugs, I’ll likely faint from the pain.

The following may be of interest the latter part of the video is about Bioleaching Gold, the rest of the video is also interesting about the source of the gold at Gabriels Gully.