Thinking of panning in NZ on my next holiday

Hi everybody!

First post here…I have a hankering to go gold panning and was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers about doing this in NZ. I will do my research about the various public areas already posted up on here, but sometimes its better to ask a few questions here than just showing up and finding out the place is not what I was looking for…

But first, a bit about me…

I’m from across the ditch, usual habitat BrisVegas. Up here in Queensland the prospecting laws are a bit fraught, so I normally pay the fee to hang out on someone else’s claim, its usually better than public areas, but my experience is based in Aus, not NZ… I have become reasonably proficient with pans, I own a Turbopan and can run 1/2 tonne of dirt through it in a day, providing I don’t have to do the dirt finding as well.

My background is more on the lapidary and jewellery side. I panned a few grams of gold here in Qld and ended up making a necklace out of it, so my interest in gold is more a talking point than for getting rich :smiley:

My plan is to figure out whether I will be able to get my gold panning fix in NZ. I plan on getting one of those campervans and having a wander around for a week or so, so my time is limited. If anyone wants to suggest how I can find out about private claims that can be accessed for a fee, let me know.


Welcome aboard!

Here’s all the public fossicking spots in NZ - Public Gold Fossicking Areas - New Zealand Gold Prospecting & Fossicking

If you search these forums you’ll see some of the members have started pages about each public fossicking spot so you should find some more info there.

Best of luck!