Things you find in barns

1936 Chev 1.8 litre, with original plates (Obscured as rego still live)


Love it. Possibly got a nice little plate on the bottom of the door sill saying ’ Body by Fisher’ and pictured of a coach.
I would be happy with that iron horse…the closest I ever got was the makers label of the body!

Looks in great condition. Still got the blue trailer light on the roof too.

nice . wouldn’t mind that in my barn .

Just for you!

Mines different - even nicer - its sort of oval but I have no idea where it is to show you. I had it on the butt of my hunting rifle for thirty years then decided that the rifle was a collector piece so I removed it and put it away safe…safe means that I cant find it!

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I know what you mean just lucky that was at hand when I read the post! someone gave that to me as ive got a 1924 and 1928 chev trucks but I think that badge might be from a bit later on

I an guessing that it is because the one I have is a bit more sophisticated - must look it out IF I can find it.!
I found one on Internet that is same shape and I am sure exactly the same except I think my one had a blue background - heck I should remember after all for twenty five years every time I sat on a rock or tree stump out hunting i looked at it and saw it on my rifle rack all the time.


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