There's Bin Worse Days (groan)


Good on him…great to see that someone found it who deserves finding it. The only person who deserves finding it more than him is me and I am totally jellyarse.
Great to see it…great that it was found by someone who deserves it and can obviously benefit from it.
Marvellous find.

The stuff dreams are made of. I’ve often imagined what I’d do if I ever found something like that. I’d love to use it as a door stop or paperweight: great conversation starter.

Not sure if I’d be able to let it go or not…

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I would be quite happy to find a nugget of any size. flakes and flour are all I get. lol

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Wow, what a find !! Makes what I,ve found so far look like peanuts, still makes ya want to get out there and go hard.
Interesting item and picture Lammerlaw, certainly got me trawling the old brain cells as to where the location is ! I,m in Ashburton area and it kinda looks like some of the beach areas south of here maybe. Have to go for a bit of a drive to check a couple of places. Great bit of mystery clues.

what area have you been hunting x-terra

wow…goodstuff, and he wasnt using a GPZ 7000 :slight_smile:

Bah, GPZ’s are overrated, and overpriced.
Any GPX will do you good. Even some other machines that can take large coils are pretty good for finding large nuggets.
Even someone with a small cheap machine that is mostly hunting small bits could probably find something large.

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Hi there nafcd, I,ve been hunting our domain and a couple of local parks so far. And one trip to scenic reserve 30kms away, the drive was nice and the reserve very picturesque but only managed $1.00 coin and a 303 bullet projectile !!
Cheers X-Terragold

the one up methven way. if it was im surprised you didn’t get anything there

Yep you,re on to it. I think its called awa awa rata reserve. Didn,t have a lot of time to have a real good look but was hitting a lot of trashy stuff, as you do. Will probably go back to have a decent go at it another time

the larger the coil the deeper you go its that simple

Bigger the lump of metal, larger the signal.

im gonna get one of those 40 inch coils l8r in the year, reakon it will reopen the gold fields