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There are trace's of Gold in Canterbury!

So when I first got into gold prospecting I got my sluice box and went down to my local large river as I had no idea where in the country gold was located, I spent the whole day digging expecting to strike it rich, and in the end I went to clean out my sluice box and (to my dissapoint at the time ) but to my suprise now there was actually around 6 small flakes and a couple dozen micro fine specs (just a head’s up this is not the Raikaia river as I know there is mineable gold there), so recently I thought about it and headed back to that spot and once again a tiny bit of colour was found so im thinking, maybe there is mineable gold somewhere on the East Coast outside of the Raikaia, I was wondering if you guy’s have ever heard anything about this as if you could trace the source there might be a mineable amount. Anyway I decided to shoot some footage while I was there, hope you enjoy !

(quick disclaimer I am aware you are not really meant to be prospecting there as its not a public site, but I made sure all change was minimal and in the end no more damage then making a sandcaslte was done and considering plenty of other people do similar amounts if not more damage for recreational things in the same river I thought really I cannot be doing that much wrong im really just having some fun, not making millons and the amount of gold extracted was close to nothing in fact I think I threw it back in the river after the cleanup XD )


Your not allowed to have fun in New Zealad any more - you will get your knuckles wrapped by the Gestapo…fucking wankers.
Go for it and hope it’s worth while. I hope you have lots of fun and find enough to maintain an interest.
Many many years ago when men were men and air was free a small gold nugget was found jammed in a wagon wheel or horse hoof after a trip into Waimate from out Hunter way. No one ever did fathom out where it came from but over the other side of the Hunter Hills gold can be found at Kaiwarua.


I too have heard there was the stuff in the Hakataramea area and the Waihao river and have personally been given a vial of concentrates and fine gold panned during the construction of the Benmore dam… panned by Bob who was a worker and did some exploring during his time off. I cant remember his last name will edit this post when I find out he is in Ross home now…“found on the left side of the lake up a wee way”. I remember mention of fine gold near Fairlie and Burkes pass and gold in the Orari river north of Timaru. Also there are the Wilberforce reefs, there was a book written about that, a good sample of quartz and gold was found in the river there and a vein system at the head and reports of gold on the west side of lake Ohau.


Ive dredged the Waiho the gold only seems to come from one stream that runs in and not much to be had in the main river , a friend of mine chips away and gets the odd gram here and there , its just not enough to interest me , there is gold in tiny amounts in a stream that runs into the waitaki from the north side but again its slim pickings, The gold you are talking about on the west side of Ohau comes out of the huxley, you can get colour by panning the first creek on the walking track past monument hut , but its only fly shit , and again youd be there a lifetime to get an ounce, theres also gold in small amounts in the west mathias