The Taste of yellow

Good day
I am extremely new to gold start of this year to be exact, was hit in the head by a urge that hasn’t vanished.
Just had a few questions

  1. Is it worth me going down south to the public fossicking places?
  2. Is there other ways of getting experience before forking out insane quantities of money on permits?
  3. I was thinking about trying that 3 day course through HuntingGoldAdventures has anybody tried it?
    4)Is the nz gold community extremely private or is there few of us not to be ?
    I have enjoyed reading alot of the topics on these forums and would be extremely grateful for any advice received thank you very much .

It is possibly best to get to know some of the gold fossickers on this site and see if they will host you to their spots for a day or two. They can show you the ropes and give you some hinters and pointers. Preferably someone with a claim who is happy to share with a beginner. There are several such generous guys here.

As for the gold fossicking areas - generally no BUT some good gold has been found at some of them but by and large by people who know the lie of the land, have experience and know where and how to look.

Good luck - theres a nugget or two out there waiting with your name on it.


Thank you for the advice means alot I’ve read alot of the forums and I can see what you mean alot or most of the guys on these forums seem pretty kind and generous with there words and advice .
I will definitely try and look out thank you Lammerlaw

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I have checked out a few of the public sites. For a rookie, I would recommend goldborough/waimea creek just north of Hoki. It’s shallow and you can always find gold. Some of the other sites are deep gravel and lots of rock. Before you break your back digging deep. Find out how much you like shoveling first. Buy a legal sized fossicking sluice, and have at it. You only learn from your own mistakes.

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you could always contact me I will take you out poaching . show you how to avoid doc and other people that want to lock you away . always looking for someone to take out so when im caught I can point the finger at them.


is that your landrover with phukdok mining ltd waimangaroa written on the side ?

P1010017 no but this is my old disco I used to drive round in . it also pays to go to town every so often and get sets of number plates. paint the truck a different colour and use a another set of plates . keeps people guessing.

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You can buy paydirt off trade me, learn the basics of panning before venturing anywhere

just get sum river sands and gravels put very small bits of lead in with it eg 10 bits of various shapes and sizes. pan into a wheel barrow full of water and at the end see if you can keep the 10 little bits
lead is the same as gold saves on spending money on paydirt.


well do you know anyone on trade me that has paydirt that may have a trace or two of the shiny stuff? I reckon a lot of newbies like myself would be really keen to try!,:snail::tornado::fried_egg::beers:

Brett @ sells a few different bags fresh from Takaka

Cheers Gav ! I will give him a call.

Hey Elder94! I am a newbie as well (never panned in a river, I just had a go with lead at home) and I managed to get written agreements from a mining permit holder and local landowners to pan near Hamilton. I like doing things by the book ah ah! :smiley:

As I have read many times, there is not much to find in the North Island. But at least that would be a way of getting experience in the field without feeling like you are doing things illegally, if you happen to take some time off around Hamilton :slight_smile: I have not panned here yet as I just got agreements last week, but I intend to get there a week-end in November.


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Hamilton…or Coromandel Peninsula? There is gold at Coromandel Peninsula.! Pretty shitty gold but gold none the less.



I am sure you wont get thrown in jail for panning a few of the creeks & streams. Enjoy the journey.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes indeed I did not mean Hamilton itself, but around, i.e. south of Coromandel ^^

To my mind that stuff should be worth a bit more seen as how its so hard to find & quite unique , I used to enjoy reading of your exploits up there :ok_hand:

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cracker specimen pieces you have there kiwijw!!!

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Hello man that sounds bloody exciting, Im just slowly getting equipment together basic thing sluice box, pans sieves etc would love to maybe come out with you one time if you ever needed a companion bro. I’m from wellington mate so wouldn’t take me long to get up there

OK cool :slight_smile: I will PM you to organise this!